3 Branding Techniques for SMEs


How many branding techniques has your company adopted?

How many times have you heard someone talking about branding techniques?

Maybe, many times, if you work for a marketing, design, digital optimization agency and love talking about brands during the morning coffee routine with colleagues.

But, you might not have heard of it if you do a different job.

What is branding?

Branding is about defining the shape of a company, from its mission statement to its history.

It is what companies do to introduce their brand identity to the public and new customers.

This process helps companies build their image and define their unique value proposition.

Goals, history, reasons for its existence, and commitment are all aspects taken into consideration to develop a company’s identity.

There are many elements to look at from a holistic point of view, and you want to have all of them in place to make your marketing and business life easier from day one.

Positioning, identity, consistency, and core values are the key elements to build a strong brand and the foundation of a good branding strategy.

Does Your Company Need Branding?

What many big and small companies would like to master is brand equity.

Simply put, brand equity is the total worth of a brand and its public perception.

huppyz branding techniques for small business

Brand equity makes an enormous difference in business management, but it is hard to track and quantify, so many marketers have developed custom ways to track brand equity results.

Now, the million dollars question: does your company need branding?

Of course! All companies need to stand out from the crowd.

The only doubt is about the amount of work – and money – to put into your branding process.

It is pretty easy to say: work on your brand to get more customers and sales.

But how you should work on it, it only depends on your business situation.

Would you spend $20,000 to make your strong brand look great when your shop only generates $3,000 monthly revenue? Most people would say: oh, no. Would they be right?

Investing is all about time and patience. There is no instant perfect investment.

A strong branding works the same way, and it may offer you significant results a year later when everyone online or in real life will know that your brand exists.

You have to build your brand.

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We know it takes time to love a new brand.

A customer needs to experience over one touchpoint to get a complete idea of what a brand is.

What is a touchpoint? In branding, a touchpoint is a point of contact between a company and the public. A touchpoint defines your brand identity, such as website design, marketing materials, booking system for hotels and restaurants, the way the customer service approach a problem, and so on.

One sure thing is that if you get your business immediately recognizable with a good logo and a concrete identity, you will see better results than before.

In the end, the perfect answer lies between data reports and individual business goals. 

Is your business ready to serve more people? Is your company able to offer the best? What are your budget and yearly revenue?

Constancy: A Branding Daily Benefit

What can branding do for your business?

When you, or your social media specialist, post something cool on the social networks, that post should use a style and a tone that reflect your brand values, so consumers can immediately recognize your brand.

The branding process involves a phase where your brand voice, tagline, and style to use in every message, on every means of communication, are carefully outlined.

Improve your marketing and sales results by writing on your brand guidelines every unique aspect of your brand and company.

This step is fundamental to communicate with your target audience.

A defined tone of voice will help you and your team deliver better brand messaging. You will better promote your brand on every communication channel, from your website to social media and visual identity.

This is a branding daily benefit that lasts and will still help you deliver excellent communication years later, supporting your brand strategy with positioning and alignment in your niche.

1) Authority and Customers Trust

You can establish authority and gain trust with content should be one of your branding techniques.

Is your company an expert in your niche? Prove it to your public with a professional content marketing strategy to show your expertise and highlight your knowledge.

Statistics show consumers love to read blogs and web pages before buying online. 

Content marketing and copywriting offer a competitive advantage and work as a shop assistant to give you the power to influence consumers and convert them into loyal customers.

Make your business website the perfect place to find precious information, and users will come back.

Content marketing can be very affordable for small businesses, so it is a better option than PPC. 

Plus, content marketing helps your website with search engine ranking by implementing only the best keywords to match the users’ intent for SEO purposes.

People need to find your content in search engine results first. Therefore, all the great brands invest in marketing.

To do this, you need SEO-friendly content to offer your solution to the customers’ problems via your website or blog. Show them your expertise, and they will feel in expert hands enough to buy and give you trust. This is a powerful tool for improving your brand management.

Before talking about brand loyalty and customer retention, any customer needs to trust your company to establish a business relationship.

Visiting a website nowadays is not enough to feel attracted to a successful brand, as the public expects to get exhaustive information about what they can get before making a purchase. We call this process “delight your audience”. 

Content marketing is a great business card to showcase your professional knowledge and earn trust. This trust is the base for any future marketing and sales/business operation.

How does content help with branding?

It offers the space to explain and highlight your unique selling points while addressing the painful ones.

Content provides companies with an opportunity to use words and pictures to talk and influence their target audience. A blog is enough to enhance the company identity and get closer to everyone interested in that niche.

In addition, SEO content brings online visibility, brand awareness, and brand recognition, so your team will do a great marketing job.

content marketing

Here is an example.

You own a pet shop, and you discover, thanks to a survey or another source, that many people in your country or worldwide are looking for information to help dogs struggling with the summer heat.

Since your company has experience with dogs as a business owner, you can upload valuable information on your blog to help your target audience. 

Use these articles to promote your service via internal linking, which means placing a hyperlink within your post to redirect users to your service or something else you wish to market to them.

This hyperlink may redirect to automatic dog waterers, so people can now buy this product on your eCommerce pet shop to help their beloved friends stay hydrated while they are away.

SEO skills are mandatory for content marketing, and it is always useful to remember to be there when customers need you.

It is important to reach customer loyalty in the long run and increase KPIs such as CLV and AOV, as these are two of the most important KPIs of all the branding techniques.

A happy customer buys more and for a longer time.

2) Be a Customer Support Giant

Being customer-centric is one of the most powerful branding techniques.

Ok, you have some big sales and revenues, but you also have some problems to solve.

There are some disappointed customers. What are you going to do to help them? 

Here is a little secret: many companies do not focus enough on customer service.

So, what can you do to position your brand higher than those competitors who don’t care about clients enough? 

You can provide customers with all the help they need.

Invest and expand your customer care team by hiring an online customer support specialist to support you during the most intense hours.

Your company will help customers via phone or email, chat, and even WhatsApp, so there are no excuses to avoid listening to them when they need help.

Customer service is essential to the success of your business, especially in the long run.

These days, it is easy to affect public opinion through negative reviews and word-of-mouth – also known as eWOM – and it is easier to invest in customer support to avoid problems than it is to run for cover by dealing with brand reputation and defamation.

Show your true brand identity with a customer support strategy, and your clients will share their precious opinion with positive feedback.

It is also essential to help customers with an affordable refund policy, effective privacy policy, helping with questions and instructions. Be there and be kind to them to distinguish your brand experience from the crowd.

Become a customer happiness leader.

3) Humanize your Brand

Big corporations don’t reach all their clients as close as someone would like to see.

SMEs, on the other side, have many opportunities to stay close to customers by creating strong relationships with them.

This banding technique is a big pro for your small company and brand identity.

You can adopt a more informal communication tone, offer them gifts and promotions to gain their loyalty, listen to them to know more about their needs via dedicated surveys, and so on.

Humanizing a brand means offering a genuine identity to stay closer to the target audience.

Because many large companies don’t listen to and talk to all of their customers, many businesses have emphasized the human side promoting employees and customers and getting closer to their loyal ones.

Adding a human touch to a company and brand generates more success, more conversions, interest, helping customers during the buying process by creating a more tangible connection.

Good branding techniques must produce strong results, and make consumers feel included and part of your mission is one good way to humanize your business.

This is true for any eCommerce store where product pages contain pictures and words, while customers want to know more about who made that product.

Storytelling is an art that any brand should learn to master to convey the right brand message to the right people.

Every customer expects to see who is behind a product or service. Therefore, begin introducing your team to your public, followers, customers, and any potential customer to offer the best side of your company, the human one.

Even a one-person company may benefit from implementing a personal branding strategy that generates more leads and conversions than any website or store with just pictures and words.

If your company has already followed a brand strategy, but the results were unachieved, or have been unsuccessful, the concept to follow to reach new horizons is the re-branding.

When companies aren’t sure about their brand identity anymore and would like to offer a better picture of themselves to the public, they usually work again on their image.

This process is nothing easy unless you have an in-house team ready to spend several days working to reach positive brand equity.

Branding and marketing, as part of a proper business strategy, are two directly proportional things.