4 Good Eco-friendly Habits for Sustainable Business


Have you already made your company eco-friendly with sustainable marketing?

Adopting green practices and being careful to pollute less is a necessity nowadays.

Pollution and climate change are issues discussed every day by millions of people and a major concern among many of your customers and prospects.

Millennials and Generation Z are sustainability-orientated. 

They pay more for sustainable products and services, like green energy, electric cars, or eco-friendly packaging.

Millennials are the largest portion of the workforce.

You can’t ignore them. No one should.

It is essential to focus on the desires and needs of the new generations.

Follow them online to understand their habits and points of view.

You will understand how to build your digital marketing campaign around them.

Previous generations have also started to choose sustainable brands and products.

This means that adopting sustainable practices is a benefit for many companies.

Is your business promoted by a sustainable marketing campaign? Do you follow eco-friendly habits?

Recycling and using less paper and plastic are three initial steps that every company should have taken long ago.

However, there are many things that your company can do to offer a greener image and stand out.

sustainable business

Here are some eco-friendly ideas for a more sustainable business.

Keyword: saving money

Saving money rhymes with going green for many companies.

If you run a business, online or offline, you’re bound to use at least one computer, lights, heating, air conditioning, and so on.

Do you know how much electricity production affects pollution? A lot. 

That’s why turning off lights and disabling computing devices when they’re not needed is a great start.

This eco-friendly measure saves more energy than you can imagine.

You should also reduce paper usage and store documents such as invoices and bills using cloud storage.

Adopt more eco-friendly recycled packaging, and carefully select your materials from trusted sources.

sustainable business packaging

Goodbye plastic

Do your employees or target customers eat in-house and have coffee at their desks?

Customize branded hot drink mugs, aluminum water bottles, and eco-friendly pens with your company name and logo.

Give promotional gifts to employees, co-workers, suppliers, and customers.

A corporate gift such as aluminum bottles is better than a thousand disposable plastic cups a year.

Also, promotional gifts are great marketing and branding tools that small businesses can afford.


Before the pandemic, working from home was a luxury for a few lucky ones.

For almost two years now, working from home has become a phenomenon involving millions and millions of people.

Some companies have even decided to offer the home office permanently to their employees.

This means fewer cars and public transport, less consumption of energy and more benefits.

The advantages of working from home are multiple, and more professionals prefer to work in the comfort of their own home rather than in the office.

home office

This sentiment was observed in workers after the peak of the pandemic when companies called their employees back to the office, but many of them refused.

You can offer the home office on a permanent or hybrid basis, organizing your team coordination to ensure a proper workflow and comfort for everybody.

Ecological cleaning

How many times do you clean the workplace?

The chemicals inside the cleaning products are a source of very high pollution to the environment.

They threaten the entire ecosystem.

Always limit the use of chemical cleaners, cleaning with a small amount of disinfectant.

Choose cleaning products without fragrances and dyes.

It’s good to choose products sold in bottles made from recycled materials, preferring plant and mineral-based cleaners.

Look for the EPA safer choice certification.

Adopt these eco-friendly techniques to start your sustainable marketing campaign, and let your followers and customers know about it.

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