4 Marketing Techniques for a Post-Crisis Marketing Strategy


Creating a marketing plan is challenging.

The marketing landscape is constantly developing, and the competition is fierce.

After more than two years, we can state that Covid-19 changed our world.

It did it during the peak of the pandemic and continued to do so two years later.

What changed?

The habits of millions and millions of people, and their buyer journey.

Along with changes, we also get new opportunities to attract new consumers.

How can you take advantage of the opportunities offered by the post-crisis period?

Stay close to your customer

Today, it is not enough to offer a fast website and immediate transactions.

Large companies frequently forget about direct communication with their customer.

Sometimes, large enterprises just follow up with customers sending generic emails and newsletters.

You can use many communication channels to connect with consumers, to establish a tangible connection to represent your company’s qualities and values.

Social media is frequently the first choice of many businesses.

Although with Facebook you can be social and friendly to your public, email marketing remains one of the most profitable communication channels for millions of companies.

According to Statista, in 2021 over 90% of U.S. marketers in companies with over 100 employees used social media for digital marketing.

social media

Socials are a great and powerful tool for any digital marketing strategy, but there is more you can do.

There are certain circumstances when handing out a corporate gift to your best or new customers is a good idea.

Right now, the use of masks is still mandatory in many countries around the world, just as hand sanitizers are essential and available in all public places.

These products can be the core of your next advertising campaign. Use them to increase brand awareness and visibility, to show that your business cares about your customers’ health.

How? With one of the most effective marketing techniques for small businesses.

Customize high-quality masks, preferably reusable, and do the same with small sanitizer bottles.

Thus, you fix a real problem and do great advertising to reach new clients.

Use a chatbot in your marketing strategy

Sometimes, customer support is just too busy.

Implementing an automated chatbot to answer customers’ most frequently asked questions is a game-changer.

No one likes to be on hold too long, especially in a time of need.

Don’t let any technical limit interfere with your marketing campaign.

A well-configured chatbot helps triage requests for help and even communicates on social for advertising.


Most chatbots available for websites have free plans for a good customers communication experience.

If properly developed, a chatbot can keep track of all past interactions between the website and customers, so past messages always remain readable.

Communicate with accuracy

Although strides have been made since 2020, the worldwide primary rule is to wear a mask.

This and other restrictions have forced many brands and companies to massively use virtual communication channels, hybrid events, webinars, etc.

content promotion

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Invest in content and media to attract new clients.

Content marketing helps with search engine rankings and lead generation campaigns, but tracking results can be challenging.

You can use events as KPIs, such as time spent reading the articles, leads, or conversions, to keep the right marketing direction.

Add value with content

Content marketing is a fundamental part of inbound marketing.

It is good to attract qualified leads, conversions and as a CRO tool.

If your company sells a product that needs long explanations and tutorials to be used to the fullest, you need a good content marketing strategy.

Blog articles and video tutorials are perfect to teach how to use your product to almost all your clients.

You can significantly reduce the churn rate, which is the number of users who, following the purchase of a good or service, or a subscription, have abandoned the use due to lack of vital information.

This problem occurs more often than you can imagine, and it causes a substantial loss, not only in terms of economic value.

Companies in many sectors face this problem, but your company can avoid it through education on products and services, using data-driven marketing tactics and content.

Once you have new articles, share them with your audience using your social media marketing skills and spread the word on Pinterest or your favorite marketing channel, always using the right hashtags and keywords.

Make sure your social media marketing strategy has a clear communication tone. Keep in mind that if your brand guidelines allow, the approach and tone on social media can be more informal and direct.

In conclusion, a good post-Covid marketing strategy focuses on the attention and support of the customers, to keep them as long as possible and gain their loyalty, to transform a client into a brand advocate who often offers the same value as a micro-influencer.


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