8 Reasons to Invest in Content Marketing in 2022


Wondering whether to invest in content marketing?

2022 is another good year to invest in CM.

There is a constant interest in online media, so every company can use this long-lasting momentum to be part of the digital transformation.

However, before investing a single penny, you should know more about content marketing.

Have you ever heard of the Bill Gates essay Content is King? It’s pretty famous.

Noble titles aside, content marketing is a unique technique that all businesses want to implement in 2022 to increase visibility, traffic, conversions, and more.

The 2020 pandemic has changed the marketing landscape. With the lockdown and many people working from home, screen time–either on PC or mobile–has drastically increased along with the demand for articles and blog posts, promptly delivered by the smartest brands and marketers.

Content marketing is more than blogging and posting on social media.

Right now, tons of videos, images, articles, essays, news, podcasts are being created, read, and shared to inform, entertain, educate the public while turning traffic into leads and leads into conversions.

People consume and share contents to learn and get fun, seek social approval, support values and ideas they care about and communicate with others.

If you want to build a successful marketing strategy, you need to understand the interests and concerns of your target audience to create contents that meet their needs and desires.

How can content marketing help a business?

A well-structured strategy helps businesses of all shapes and sizes reach their goals.

Sales, brand awareness and recognition, lead generation, and customer retention are just a few target samples you can reach. Regardless of what type of business you run, you can effectively use content marketing agency services to attract customers, talk to them and build trust with posts and articles specifically designed for your target audience.

If you aren’t sure why you should use blog and articles for marketing, here are 8 reasons to invest in a professional marketing strategy in 2022.

Content marketing is great for SEO

When you write for a blog, you can use many keywords, as long as these are pertinent to your business.

On-page SEO techniques work better when supported by a strategy targeting both high-search volume and long-tail keywords you want to rank for, thanks to well-structured articles that talk about topics your audience love.

The more your content is pertinent to your audience’s search queries, the higher your blog (and website) will rank in the search results.

Using great keywords to rank organically is a useful strategy all the time (not only in 2022!), giving your website’s SEO a powerful boost.

High volume keywords           

Fact: websites with a blog have more indexed pages and links, statistics say. This is good for SEO and visibility.

The ranking results of a marketing campaign based on posts, articles, video, and guest posts are not as immediate as when you decide to spend a consistent budget on a specific keyword through PPCs, but once you’ve placed your keywords, these will stay there forever with endless benefits and long-term results!

Content generates better traffic and leads

Yes, it generates more and better-qualified traffic and leads than other lead generation strategies.

A single blog post can increase your website traffic by 800% and more.

The reason is that articles that are pertinent to your business and audience attract interested readers; the more targeted your articles and search terms are, the more qualified your leads will be.

And, of course, qualified leads convert better, making contents a significant investment for every business.

Content marketing is the foundation of lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is building relationships between a brand and its audience to boost conversions and reinforce customers’ loyalty.

Lead nurturing inform, entertain, and accompany the customers in every step of their journey.

Consistently creating and sharing information on your website, blog, and social networks helps you build credibility and interest around your brand. If you stick to your plan and continuously publish articles that are relevant, fresh, and in line with your audience’s interests, you will become a true authority in your industry because your readers will know they can count on consistent, up-to-date information.

And remember: always follow up leads!

Content marketing keeps customers on the website

When your customers visit your website, they are looking for something. When they find information about your service or product and learn more about everything related to your business, you have a better chance of keeping them on your website longer and converting that visit into a sale.

To maximize your digital SEO potential, accompany your customer through the buyer journey designed for him, from discovery – to consideration – to the purchase.

Don’t forget to include at least one call-to-action in every article: create well-structured funnels so that customers don’t get lost and convert according to your goals.

Content marketing improves linking strategy

Link building is an effective digital strategy to improve SEO visibility and goes hand in hand with CM.

Besides guest posts and backlinks, you can effectively use a strategy for your website and social networks to improve internal linking, a very important practice (according to Google) to ensure good site navigability and improve the user experience.

Invest in content marketing

Reinforcing your linking strategy with contents is also great for your social campaigns. When you spend money on your SMM campaigns, you want to promote them and get the maximum return on investment. Connecting your social campaigns to your blog and resource center will double your results by maximizing your marketing efforts, thus increasing your ROI.

It is affordable for SMEs

If you compare content marketing vs. advertisement, or SEO vs SEM, you will see the benefits a good search engine optimization strategy brings to you.

Compared to PPC marketing campaigns, digital contents are cost-effective: prices range between $0.10 and$1.50 per word (yes, we know about the $0,001 per word services). With a price of $0.25 per word, you can hire a good creator or a CM agency and get quality posts to use across all your online and offline channels.

Since CM costs about 60% less than advertising while generating more traffic, leads, conversions, and a better ROI than PPC campaigns, it is a perfect investment for SMEs.

CM is a long-term investment: even though you will see the fruits over time, they are long-lasting and offer countless benefits.

CM boosts branding

Offer quality contents that educate and entertain your audience, and you will deliver value to customers and prospects to build a positive and authoritative image of your brand.

CM is a great way to tell your brand story and showcase why you are better than competitors, along with your expertise in your business niche.

Investing in great copies that create an emotional relationship with readers is the key to your strategy’s success.

Over time, your contents will develop your brand identity and values, and you will communicate your message with a unique voice.

Brands with a clear voice and identity are a step ahead in brand awareness and recognition. If a customer chooses your brand, it is because he resonates with your message and values. That’s when you are building trust and loyalty with all the benefits that come with it.

Brand loyalty means customer retention, way more profitable than customer acquisition.

Your audience craves content

Another reason to invest in this marketing technique in 2022 is that people want it!

It is a fact that 71% of B2B buyers read blogs, and 61% of U.S. consumers have made a purchase after reading a recommendation on a blog post.

Talking about the effectiveness of CM vs. Ads, we can say that people usually ignore paid search results and scroll down to organic ones.

The benefits of contents are countless: if you are wondering what to invest in to give your company a boost, CM is a good choice.

Whether you prefer to hire an in-house copywriter, a freelance specialist, or outsource your strategy to a professional creative agency, start today to enjoy the benefits of this digital marketing strategy in 2022 and beyond.


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