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You can delegate your Amazon account to our eCommerce managers.

Amazon management service

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Running a successful Amazon Seller Account can be very difficult.

There are countless problems that can occur when working with digital customers and the Amazon system.

Too many returns and refunds, inventory problems, expensive stock costs for products that are not selling,
low or zero feedbacks from customers, chargebacks, extra fees, andon cord, and you name it, are detrimental to your business.

Maintaining a healthy and professional seller account, compliant with the Amazon rules, is the way to generate consistent revenues and keep your brand up into the biggest eCommerce platform.

Avoid huge revenue loss.

Get our full support today with our Amazon account management service!

Setup Amazon Seller Account

Take the first step with our support. We create your Amazon business from scratch, or we optimize your existing store.

Amazon Marketing

Everything you may need to promote your Amazon products, with our Multichannel and Multi-touch strategies.

Dedicated Amazon Account Manager

One manager to take care of the incredible amount of aspects and daily metrics, used by Amazon to rank your brand among competitors, on a daily basis.

Product Listing Management

We upload and optimize your product listings to make them shine. We take care of everything to improve the IDQ, Item Data Quality, from category, keywords, product title, product features and bullet points, to variations, product images and backend setup to convert customers interest in sales. Receive full support with our Amazon account management service.

Seller Central Management

Our team of account managers and marketers will assist you in handling daily tasks, cases, inventory problems, voice of the customers, customer support, and many more duties, so you can enjoy your brand with no digital-related frustration. Save money and lay the groundwork for success.

PPC Advertising Optimization

You can benefit from our setup, optimization, and consultancy to define a powerful strategy to lower your ACoS. Setting the right keywords, categorizing each product, and placing bids are some of the best practices we use in our Amazon Management Service. We can also bring AI to your Amazon PPC campaigns.

Brand Development

Follow us in creating your future brand. We offer Brand registry, Brand Identity Development, and Brand Protection services to grow your business with all the benefits of A+ Content, Store optimization, Sponsored Brand campaign and Off-Amazon marketing. Be unique among competitors.

Pro Managers

We have proven experience managing 3P accounts, from forecasting to Sponsored Product Ads Campaign, and social media promotion.
Our Amazon Managers have three goals: to generate as many sales as possible, getting great product reviews, provide the best customer service to your Amazon customers.

Full Management

Our expertise is proven to be successful from the first days. The strategies we implement to solidify your position within the Amazon ecosystem, are flexible and always up to date. Our Full Management service is a 360° cover built around your business, to make it stand out from the crowd and grow every day.

Amazon Listing Optimization

Optimize your Amazon product page

Our premium Amazon listing service is a proven method to increase sales and help customers find your products on Amazon.

We optimize your product discoverability with keyword optimization, SEO title, bullet points, A+ content, and HQ pictures. We make your products Retail Ready.

With a professional Amazon listing optimization service, you can reach the first page and boost your sales by 100%.

Read our blog article about Amazon SEO, ASIN optimization, and keyword research.


Amazon listing optimization
E-commerce management agreement

Flexible and Savvy

It’s a fact: we have experience.

Our managers rely on years of seller accounts management experience in different niches.

Every day, for years, our experts have helped small brands and six figures sellers optimizing their accounts in many ways, to sell on Amazon better than before.

Now, we want to offer our account management service to sellers and vendors, along with a professional marketing pack.

Identity, Positioning, Consistency

Invest in Your Brand

Don't fall into the trap of selling on Amazon without a proper brand identity and position.
The buying process on Amazon can be pretty fast and wild, but consumers always need to trust your brand, to become your clients.
With our Amazon account management service you gain trust by offering professional customer support, fresh customer experience, authenticity, a consistent and constant brand message to scale your business with less friction.
Holistic marketing

Amazon Account Management Service

Delegate your Amazon Seller Accounts to Real Experts

Scale your Business

Business owner

Optimize Profitability
Protect your Brand on Amazon
Reduce Costs
Increase Rank and Sales
Quantifiable Results

We do. You sell

A service. Not just a tool.
Huppyz works to improve POs, inventory performance, SEO, sales velocity, sell-through rate, ACoS, and Off-Amazon advertising

More Time and Money

Save budget

Delegate your account
Focus on Core Business
Get Daily Support
Expand Worldwide
Master your Niche

Amazon Audit

Do you know what's holding your business back?


Most frequent questions and answers

With our full Amazon account management service, we take care of everything.

You delegate the store management to our account manager, and we work to improve it and generate more sales.

You will be in charge of the products, stock, and warehouse space/location.

At Huppyz we know from experience that an optimized account and a 100% smooth selling system naturally generate more revenue.

The final profit of each seller or vendor depends on factors such as cost per unit, operating expenses, taxes, administration, and many other fixed or flexible costs.

Optimizing a store and maintaining quality performance can only be achieved with consistent work.
That’s why we suggest different options to our clients, such as one-time services to optimize an Amazon listing, and six-month, annual, or unlimited plans.

As Amazon Advertising certified specialists, we elaborate, implement, optimize, and monitor advertising strategies for our clients.
Our full Amazon account management service includes a full setup and ongoing management of all the Amazon PPC campaigns.
We harvest all the keywords, organize categories, place bids, and also automate with AI if you want to implement a smart bidding strategy.