Amazon Born To Run Program

Amazon Born to Run Program

Speed up product launches, ranking, and forecasting with custom inventory

The Amazon Born to Run program is an official program for Vendors.

The Born to Run program is a great chance to successfully launch a new product with inventory support from the eCommerce giant.

Known as BTR, or B2R, it lets you choose and submit your recommendations for POs that you expect to sell within a 10 week sell-through period.

As you can imagine, it’s not that complicated to submit your recommendations for POs, but you can set the wrong value or the wrong product and pay the difference.

However, Amazon has to approve the product and the Launch Buy Quantity you submit.

How does the Born To Run program work?

The Amazon Born to Run program gives you more inventory to not lose opportunity during sales pikes.

With BTR, you avoid OOS increasing your overall performance and product SEO score.

This program is perfect for a marketing campaign to promote some ASINs, as B2R maximizes sales and conversion opportunities providing more stock to get the best out of any promotion or holidays and seasonal sale spikes.

Let’s say you are about to launch a new version of a top product or just a new version of something you already sell.

Amazon buys a reasonable LBQ you propose. 

You are free to invest the amount you wish in performance advertising and choose what to do with any possible unsold inventory after the initial 10-week period.

The program is free and minimizes the chance of running out of product during new product launches, Prime Day, promotional campaigns, or season pikes. 

It is an opportunity to show AMZ how reliable your business is and get more orders in the future. 

But there are even more benefits!

Using B2R, you help Amazon improve its forecasting and future automated purchase orders by collecting sales data and consumer demand to know how many units to buy from you.

Born to Run Amazon

BTR speeds up your launch at 360°. Do you have the requirements?

Amazon Born To Run requirements

There are 3 major requirements needed to join this program:

  1. You have been using the advertising program for at least 90 days
  2. The Launch Buy Quantity doesn’t exceed $50,000
  3. The ASINs are not heavy, bulky, hazmat, and their cost is higher than $5.


Vendors can submit their PO quantity after careful consideration, but problems can also arise later as Amazon may not be able to accept the inventory.

About the ship windows, stick with the agreed times, as always.

Launch Buy Quantity

The LBQ is the total value of the order you want Amazon to submit a PO for.

As Amazon does not directly help you with forecasting, you will need good analytical skills and expertise.

While the limit order for the LBQ is $50,000, there is no limit to the purchase orders you can receive later.

With consistent sales velocity during the sellthrough period, you will receive constant orders from Amazon.

Born To Run Product Launch Amazon

What products to submit for the Born to Run Program?

To enter the program your ASINs must be approved.

As Vendor, you want to submit ASINs that you know will generate traction after an initial advertising boost.

If you look at your Amazon Brand Analytics data, you realize the past performance of products similar to those you plan to send to BTR.

Also, check out sales on your eCommerce website and other online shopping platforms to see which products are a good fit for the program, keeping in mind that some ASINs sell more during certain times of the year.

If you have doubts about some items, think twice before submitting any LBQ.

You will have to pay for the unsold units, and no one wants to pay for unsuccessful launches.

To submit new or existing products to the program, use Vendor Central and find the Born to Run under your orders.

Just wait a couple of days to receive the purchase order after the quantity approval.

To monitor the progress of the accepted ASINs, use the Active Offers tab on Vendor Central, and go to Details to track the sell-through rate of your products.

Vendors can also submit products that have already been launched on another platform, for which they foresee higher sales possibilities, and therefore it is good to have in large quantities.

Born to Run Profit

What if I can’t sell some units?

Uhm, you have some unsold units left once the 10-week period is over. What to do?

Either Amazon keeps the unsold units with a 25% retention fee over the cost of unsold units, or you get the unsold units back, with a full refund of the cost of any returned item, and a 10% more for shipping and other fees.

The initial investment in Amazon advertising is no longer mandatory. However, Vendors still need to invest in advertising for B2R products to receive more visibility during the launch momentum and use the PPC to boost keywords for ranking purposes.

How to sell as many BTR ASINs as possible?

First thing first, advertise them.

Promotion is an essential part of any successful product launch strategy and optimization plan.

Especially if your ASINs are brand new, planning a budget for Sponsored Product, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Brand campaigns is essential, as well as having an expert that runs everything from start to finish.

You can increase or decrease your investment in performance advertising later on, but starting with the right foot, avoiding disastrous amounts of unsold inventory requires a solid setup to lay the groundwork for an ASIN to become a best seller.

Through promotions, you reach the visibility your products need, and with a full Amazon product listing optimization, you ensure a long-term run that lasts once the sell-through and promotional periods are over.

Is Born to Run an invite-only program?

Yes. Amazon Born to Run is an invite-only program.

How can a vendor be invited?

Maintain a healthy vendor profile and generate great revenue so you have a better chance of being invited.

These parameters indicate to Amazon that your business is healthy and fruitful.