B2C Strategies to Improve a B2B Marketing Plan


B2B marketing strategy ideas for your marketing campaigns


Breaking down your target markets is fundamental to marketing.

Knowing the difference between B2C, Business to Customer, and B2B, Business to Business, allows you to choose the most effective communication strategies.

Business to customer, also known as consumer marketing or business to consumers, refers to the commercial relationship between company and customer, a direct contact aimed at retail sales.

Business to business represents the world of companies that sell to other companies.

These are two very different sectors that require specific and well-designed communication methods and marketing plans.

Some features of B2C marketing are useful in a B2B context.

Here are 4 techniques you can adopt right away.

Simplified Purchasing Process

Despite the digital age we live in, many companies use long and complex purchasing paths.

Your B2B customers are also B2C consumers who are used to the simplicity of online purchasing.

You can submit, read, and sign contracts online, print them for extra security, store them in the cloud, or on dedicated in-house servers.

Apply the same simplification to payments, updates about changes and enhancements to product offerings, and access to after-sales service.

On your website, make it easy to navigate the pages that lead to payment and those that follow.

Work on backend and frontend optimization for each page or landing page, to deliver the smoothest B2B customer experience possible.

A light, easy-to-load page requires few resources, especially for mobile users.

It also improves conversion rates dramatically.

b2b marketing online payment

Make yourself known

If there’s anything B2C marketing knows how to do, it’s branding.

Branding refers to the practices to make a company’s personality stand out from the crowd.

It defines the purpose, mission, and unique selling points, locating the right position within a market.

However, a logo, slogan, and a mix of colors will not define your business identity.

It takes months of hard work, done by specific teams, to build a plan that helps create a strong presence in the minds of consumers.

Effective Advertising

Without a well-organized business structure, B2B advertising, and all the marketing efforts, will always be limited and very expensive.

Small and large companies are investing in SEO and B2B content marketing to attract prospects and nurture them.

Content marketing is a strategic investment to offer inbound information about products and services that generate qualified leads.

It is also good for SEO and visibility.

But SEO is a slow process that requires commitment and consistency.

Therefore, you may need something faster to make a profit.

Let’s say you need a faster way to generate website traffic, interest, and sales over a time long enough to cover the shortcomings of SEO.

Instead of renting a billboard, which has been a very profitable technique for years, build online advertising campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook, and social media platforms.

Optimize individual ad groups with effective copywriting to increase the PPC spend.

Taking Google advertising as an example, it’s not that easy to find and choose the most effective keywords.

And it’s complicated to use a smart bidding strategy to keep your Ad Spend low and boost the ROAS.


Before investing in pay-per-click campaigns, you should have one or more profiles of your ideal customer.

Social media marketing and PPC are great ways to increase brand visibility and create funnels targeting the most influential stakeholders within companies.

To create a top-notch B2B PPC campaign, market research is the first step.

Perform a complete analysis of your potential customer profile using surveys, internal databases, and business intelligence tools.

Move to the keyword research process now.

When you look for the most appropriate search terms, remember that a B2B client is a consumer that works as a buyer for a prospect company.

b2b keywords

Communication Style

Informal and direct communication characterizes B2C marketing.

Communication in the b2b business world shares with b2c marketing the main purpose: to find the best way to offer solutions for problems.

What makes the B2C approach useful in business-to-business sales is the style of communication, which often focuses on emotions and doesn’t stop at a mere proposal.

It is far from uncommon to communicate too formally when marketing goods and services between companies, forgetting that decision-makers are human beings too.

Sometimes, it’s good to wink at prospective clients using an emotional tone to highlight the peace of mind gained from buying your product.

Whether online with content and media or live at trade shows and meetings, be closer to your prospect’s needs.

b2b marketing emotions

This method of communication is also reflected in graphic advertisements.

Using pictures of people, landscapes, or a text with an emotional effect that surprises, is more successful than a cold stock photo.

Remember that many websites that sell products and services online directly to the consumer have a live chat to get in touch and maintain contact with them.

Many websites use the Facebook chat plugin for direct contact, faster, and easier follow-up.

Even a simple plugin is enough for many small and medium-sized enterprises.


Every b2b marketer knows its customers and needs to adapt these tips to its target audience, along with the company branding guidelines.

Creating a B2B marketing strategy means having a thorough understanding of ICP, target industry, and buyer persona.

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