Amazon SEO Services

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The Challenge

Our client is an eCommerce company selling products in the home & kitchen niche on Amazon as a Seller.

The company has a wide Amazon catalog offering kitchen supplies and home accessories, and its revenues come mainly from low-priced items, while they struggle to sell highly-priced products.

A major problem is low ranking, but also few good reviews on product pages when compared to competitors’ products.

The goal is to increase their revenue by focusing on fewer products with higher value and margin, ranking them as high as possible using keyword research and tracking, and listing optimization.


The Approach

The onboarding session consists of a complete catalog analysis, focusing on product evaluation (pricing, quality, competition) and brand audit.

After identifying several products with higher margins and value, we decide to build our strategy on 4 key elements:

  • Listing Optimization
  • Keyword Research and Tracking
  • Branding (Identity, Positioning, Consistency)
  • Customer Care and Loyalty

The Process 

As a first step, we perform a complete keyword, market, competitor and sentiment analysis to identify the chosen products’ USP and main pain points.

We collect and analyze over 10K keywords per product on Amazon, Helium 10, and other keyword management tools, to pinpoint the most relevant and competitive ones for listing optimization, PPC campaigns, and advertising.

We also focus on branded and products keywords, adding negative search terms without losing visibility and opportunities.

Before optimizing a product title, bullet points, and description, we work on categorization to ensure that all the items are listed in the correct category and browse nodes, to avoid being hidden by Amazon’s algorithm, and create variations to allow buyers to discover, compare and choose between different variants of the same product. This is a great improvement.

We manage and monitor pricing as well, to win the buy-box and maintain the product positioning.

To improve the CTR and conversion rate, we craft data-driven copies focused on benefits and customers’ needs, creating complete product listings with titles, bullet points, and HTML descriptions, and provide guidance on image optimization to improve the ranking.

The next step is to optimize each Amazon listing with high search volume, high-relevant keywords, based on our Amazon keyword strategy and the best SEO practices, to increase organic traffic and boost PPC results.

When the Amazon catalog is ready, we support our client to proceed with the Amazon Brand Registry, to promote and protect their brand as needed in a highly competitive environment, such as Amazon. 

From there, we design and realize a professional Store and unique A+ content to distinguish our client’s brand and his products from the competitors, using appropriate brand colors, optimized images, customer-centric text, and ad hoc keywords.

Working on the client’s branding, we give justice to his products catalog, enhancing the quality and reliability of his whole business identity.

When it comes to customer care, our goal is to inspire a customer-first culture to enhance customer experience, satisfaction, and retention, collecting positive seller feedback and product reviews, and boost cross-selling.

Our five-step approach to customer care and social reputation is the following:


  • Monitor Seller performance, Voice of the Customers, feedback, and customer sentiment to improve the customer experience and avoid account suspension
  • Create a template database for all kinds of customers’ queries and different scenarios in native languages
  • Implement automation to reduce response time and provide professional customer service, before and after-sale
  • Create multiple email campaigns to encourage happy customers to leave seller feedback and product reviews on Amazon
  • Contact customers who left bad reviews to address their issue and turn their experience with the brand into a positive one

After setting up the Amazon Store, optimizing the product listing, and implementing a customer care strategy, we monitor our client’s seller account performance for 12 months, providing further guidance and recommendation on advertising strategies and promotion.


The Results

With roughly 20 new highly relevant keywords per product, strategically embedded in the listing and the search term backend, our client increased the search visibility (impressions) by 100% thanks to overall SEO and PPC performances.

The listing copy, imagery, and brand optimization efforts increased organic traffic and conversion rate by 100% as well, with a 70% increase in BSR.

Thanks to a customer-centric approach and an improved, semi-automated customer service workflow, the client saw a 50% increase in FRT and 30% in FCR, while the overall CSAT improved by 60%.

The email campaign recorded an average email open rate of 60% with a 50% increase in positive seller feedback and product reviews.

All this led to a natural increase in revenue, this time coming from a few selected, highly-priced products with good margins, with a steady and consistent MoM Growth between 5 and 8%.