Amazon Store Management

A case study about our Amazon seller management service, and how our account managers prepared an Amazon store for the Success

The Challenge

Our client is an e-Commerce company selling brand-registered products in the home niche in Amazon Europe as a seller.

The company sources its uniquely designed products from European manufacturers, ships them to Amazon warehouses under the Pan-European FBA program, and manages the Amazon workflow with the help of a few team members, including the CEO.

When we start working with the company, their revenue is generated by one European marketplace only.

Although their best-selling product reached page one in the SERP in a couple of key European markets, a few weeks out-of-stock situation led to a ranking, and sales, drop.

The goal is to successfully expand their business throughout Europe and increase the brand value.


The Approach

During the onboarding session, we perform the first analysis to identify the products’ unique selling points, the brand’s unique value proposition, and main pain points in the company workflow.

We identify several areas of improvement and propose a multi-level strategy to reach the target goal:


Visual Identity and Rebranding

Ranking and Conversion Optimization

PPC, Deals, and Promotions

Online Presence and Social Media Strategy

Business Expansion


The Process

After receiving a product sample, we test it from an average consumer perspective and compare it with competitors’ products and customer expectations for product positioning purposes.

The rebranding process starts with a complete analysis of the current brand position and value: after long chat sessions with the CEO and the team, we define the brand vision, mission, and values.

To identify new positioning opportunities, we conduct in-depth market research, analyze the brand’s audience to identify the target persona, and perform sentiment analysis to improve the customer journey.

After reviewing the existing assets, we provide data-driven guidance to re-design the logo and plan the new visual identity, define the brand voice and provide digital assets to fit the new brand.

With a fresh new visual identity that fits the values and mission, we are ready to optimize the Amazon Store and products’ pages with SEO-optimized Item Data Quality (IDQ), branded and localized content and A+ pages to make them stand out from the competition, address the target persona desires and needs, thus improving conversions.

When the Store and Amazon catalog are ready to be relaunched, it’s time to work on ranking.

To address and avoid out-of-stock or overstock situations and related issues, we monitor inventory performance and prepare forecasts and sales reports to maintain a good balance between sales-through rate and excess inventory, thus improving the IPI score as well.

Since our goal is to increase organic traffic and improve SERP, we collect and analyze over 10K keywords per product and marketplace, focusing on data provided by Amazon Brand Analytics and PPC performances.

We identify several new relevant keywords in the target markets and implement them in the listings’ copy (backend and frontend).

Since we want to boost the product visibility, we implement a complete PPC strategy targeting relevant, high search volume, and long-tail keywords, focusing particularly on adding negative keywords too, into Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Video, and Sponsored Display Campaigns.


We plan, track and optimize seasonal deals, promotions, and bundle offers, making the most of Prime Day and Black Friday opportunities.
Amazon listing optimization

To complement our advertising strategy, we build a social media presence on main channels for the client’s brand, and implement a social media strategy to drive more and more traffic to the Amazon listings and store, as well as increase conversions, generate leads, and build brand awareness.

Our SMS includes a complete content strategy and calendar with branded content based on customer’s interests, multi-channel funnels, and social contests to increase traffic and engagement, and generate qualified leads.

When the business is mature enough, we plan with the client the expansion to new platforms, such as eBay and Shopify, and marketplaces, bringing the most successful products to the US public on


The Results

The business turned from being poorly considered into a recognized and efficient Amazon store.

With a new brand identity that fits the new values and position, a unique and consistent brand voice and tone to speak to the target persona, defined brand vision, mission, and value statement to inspire marketing campaigns and a complete Amazon Store and listing refresh based on the new identity, the client saw an overall increase in brand recognition and awareness.

Thanks to an improved workflow and best practices applied to the daily Amazon account management routine, our client improved the overall Seller account performances to the highest standards and reduced excess inventory and OOS situations by 90%.

As a result of advertising and content strategy, traffic, ranking (SERP), and conversions increased by 100%, while the SMS brought brand awareness and customer engagement while helping the client build an email database for future marketing campaigns.

Huppyz supported the client’s business and brand growth to its peak in US and Europe (all marketplaces) with a strong 5:1 ROI ratio.