Content Marketing

Rank, Educate, Persuade, and Convert with Content

The Challenge

Our client, a European leader B2B services company, asked us to implement an SEO strategy for Lead Generation, having conversions as the main goal.

The niche is very competitive, with many big boys in the game.

The Process

A new micro website, part of the marketing funnel, was created to be used as the ToFu, so users now quickly find a new solution for their business digital problems, using maniacally detailed products information that we generated ad hoc.

We boosted our client visibility, credibility, and conversion chances creating more than 100 content articles, all consistently SEO optimized, implementing the best local and national keywords available, balancing between the high volume ones, and the Long Tail Keywords for users and search engines.

We cleaned our keywords lists to be ready to create the content calendar.

Having a customer profile, we continue creating SEO titles that match search queries and target audience interests, looking at trends, questions asked online, forums, competitors, magazines, and so on.

The most important thing Huppyz did was to create useful, valuable and easy articles, jargon-free, that customers and target audience would read every day to get information about a niche that is not so easy to grasp.

We explain to visitors what are the available solutions for their problems, how they can get a quick and ultimate solution, how much does it cost, and why our client’s solution must be positioned among the best ones. Of course, our client has a lot to offer to consumers and is ready to deliver the best service possible.

At the same time, our SEO content generates qualified leads that our client can contact to sell and upsell products, so the value of this funnel is immense, with the articles meant to stay in place for a long time, while data flows are stored in our client’s CRM for audience optimization, and future email marketing campaigns.

With the top of the funnel set, we translate all the other websites, from English to different languages using our pool of native translators to add local info, to highlight the most important features for local customers, adapting all the national rules and laws to our client’s products listing, to be used in different countries.

The Results

With constant and scheduled content upload, we generated some noteworthy SEO results in a few months.

We saw an increase of around 40% more organic traffic during the first 4 months, with our client getting a big amount of new opportunities to convert every day. 

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