On-demand Data Analysis

Use our data analysis service to find problems
and solutions for your business.

Tracking metrics

Precious information are hidden under tons of data

Understand your Business Better than Ever

Reduce the in-house workload of data analysis with our service.

We will understand how and why something is broken in your sales pipeline, funnel, website, or eCommerce shop.

Improve customer retention, find problems, decrease costs, identify areas for improvement, develop a data-driven marketing strategy, and understand your audience.

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Digital Data Analysis

Unveil secret barriers

Your Data Talk. A Lot.

We study past customers interactions with your business.
Then, we provide you with insights to act with ad hoc strategies and reach another business level.

No traffic on your website? Zero leads generated? Frozen sales?

You need answers to improve the decision making process, that we find with a performance analysis of your market segment behavior, using quantitative and qualitative techniques.

From numbers to actionable insights
We Translate your Data into Precious Insights

You will receive detailed reports with data transformed into clear, intelligible, and actionable insights.

Bounce rate, sales, Time on Page, clicks, CTR, events, and scrolling rate are just some elements that tell us if there is room to improve.

Shed light into your business with Huppyz!

Data sharing

A One Time Data Analysis Can Save You Time and Money

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Today's market is at one with Big Data


Most frequent questions and answers

We know how important privacy is. Especially in a digital environment. 

Many companies become doubtful when it comes to share their internal data.

This is why Huppyz always signs NDA agreements.

We use data reports and account access to offer this service to companies that want to understand how to grow their online business.

We don’t share any information with third parties or companies, and we destroy any information soon after delivering our service.

You are free to submit data reports from Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, or from any other data/business intelligence software, as long as data are mined and clean.