Keyword Research Service

Do you want to make your content popular?
If you need more traffic to your website, keywords for SEO purposes, or to get more customers, we have the solution.

Huppyz uses the best-in-class technology to find the most accurate keywords to match your target audience's search intent.

With our keyword research service, you get everything you need in one place. No more complicated tools or processes. We do that for you!

Huppyz provides you with all the information you need to rank higher in the search engines, get more leads, and better PPC results.

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Organic Growth


SEO Keyword Research

We analyze your business from any point of view, to discover and create keywords that perfectly match your offer with your target audience

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Instant SEO Growth

You can immediately begin your SEO ranking climb with contextual keywords used by consumers interested in your niche, and quickly improve ROI and ROAS


Build the Foundation

Implementing targeted keywords is the first step for your online success. Grow websites and landing pages using any kind of competitive keyword

One Service
Many Opportunities

SEO & Ads

Use our keywords to increase traffic, leads and customers, outbound and inbound. Become visible where it matters.

Content Marketing

Nurture your leads and attract inbound traffic to your website with our keyword research service.

Amazon SEO

Use our keywords to rank higher on the most popular, iconic, customer-centric eCommerce platform.
High Rankings = More Sales.


Implement our keywords in your PPC strategy to increase conversions and leads.


Base your digital marketing campaign on keywords that are really connected to your brand and business

customer centric

Implement keywords that match your audience's needs and desire, to proper position your business in SERP

Digital Marketing Agency

Get Local

Be discovered by your local audience with keywords used by consumers in your region, city, neighborhood

Custom Strategies

Any niche and company need a professional tailored keywords strategy, to win the market

How We Do It

Data Analysis

It all begins with a review process of your website, landing pages or blog.
At this stage, we collect data and your business goals

Data driven success

Keyword Research

A wide, specific and technically professional research is conducted to find profitable search terms in line with all your business needs

seo agency


It's time to pinpoint the best keywords and phrases for a winning SEO strategy. This long process will generate tailored results

Segmentation ICP


You receive a complete report with a keyword list, and insight to implement them into your SEO strategy

Email marketing

Keywords as a link between supply and demand

Our team knows what your target audience searches for on Amazon and Google.

We focus on consumer search behavior and technical SEO aspects to find the best search terms to get more qualified traffic.

We choose informational, transactional, or navigational keywords, according to your business needs.

Search intent marketing

Better Keywords
Better Opportunities

Millions of people look for the same things every day,
but in many, different ways.

Match their search!

We Light The Way

Optimize your marketing and SEO campaign with relevant keywords that match consumers’ intent.

Our SEO experts will shake the internet to collect smart keywords, having in mind any niche, Google and every other search engine, marketplace, eCommerce platform, voice assistant like Alexa, and many more contexts.

Light the way

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Can I rank on Google with this keyword Research Service?

Of course.
A keyword research campaign is the first step toward better SEO rankings. However, you need many SEO activities and a professional strategy implemented to show up on the first page of search engines.
Read more here.

why huppyz?

We help companies and brands with marketing, SEO, branding, content marketing, and customer service, doing the extra mile.

Get in touch with us and see what we can do to improve your conversion rate and lead generation.

How is this service different?

When it seems that no profitable keywords can fit your business, we create a new solution. Creativity, experience and digital expertise to build solutions.

Is Huppyz a Team?

Yes. Huppyz regroups professional digital marketers, eCommerce account managers, translators, and copywriters to make your business life easier.

what tools huppyz uses?

After an extended research experience across many platforms and techniques, we developed our system to find keywords.

Do you perform magic SEO tricks?

We offer hard work and transparent services.
Our clients are somewhat surprised by our work.