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seo for beginners

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

Search engines like Google help users find web pages related to their search queries.

This means that if you type funny cats on the Google search bar, tons of web pages (SERPs) are shown in multiple results, with the most relevant and useful ones placed within the first positions.

Why are the first positions so much important?

Because our human attention span, while surfing the internet, is very short, and common users don’t even look over the third Google’s page.

75% of internet users only see the first page, and they expect to find the best results to be on top of it.

Let’s say you have a website about cats, and you want to reach the first positions.

You might think it’s enough to create content (web pages, landing pages, blog articles, videos, images, etc.) using the keyword “funny cats”, to win all the audience looking to laugh at some goofy cats.

But… no.

There are already many websites with funny cats’ content that have been online for many years.

During these years they acquired more authority, created good content, optimized the website, and maybe invested in Google Ads to reach the first positions for the keyword funny cats.

There are a lot of sites ahead of you for this keyword.

It doesn’t mean that you have no chances, or that you should give up.

You just need to be ready to work hard for the next months.

75% of Internet users never scroll past the first page of search results

What do you need to do, to have your websites visited by as many cat lovers as possible?

Optimize your website performance with an SEO strategy to improve ranking on search engine result pages.

Ranking and organic traffic are all about optimization.

A steady and technically driven optimization, on and off-page, will help Google understand your website in-depth.

How does search engine optimization work?

SEO is a long-time friend of the first webmasters and will remain a friend for years to come.

Search engine optimization is part of any product’s digital launch and promotion, and part of any digital presence or digital identity plan.

A good ranking on Google helps with visibility, brand image, and authority, improving digital identity and online presence.

Here are there three most important aspects for a complete search engine optimization strategy:

  • On-Page: keywords, content, images
  • Off-Page: backlinks, guest posts
  • Technical: crawling, indexing, page speed, redirects, etc.

SEO is slow

On-Page SEO key elements

Meta tags have been the first important SEO element for decades.

For many modern search engine optimization specialists and marketers, meta tags are just a small part of search engine optimization.

Meta tags are a snippet of code added to the main website’s structure and are still relevant.

The title tag and the meta description are the most common ones.

From a mobile search engine optimization point of view, one of the most important tags is the Viewport tag.

Create the meta tags using the most important keywords.

Add the primary keywords to your title tag and meta description, and be sure to cover the main topic with the rest of the characters.

Right after, create content to implement new keywords.

What does your typical customer like?

Follow your target customer on social media and study his or her most important traits on the internet.

This will help you find interesting topics to cover on your blog and help you choose the right keywords to attract consumers.

Monitor your keyword ranking and update all the social media channels.

Once you create a solid On-Page strategy, take the next step and perform a technical audit of the website.

There are two ways to perform the audit: the professional way, for agencies and freelancers, and the DIY, using one of the many tools available online.

Perform an SEO audit

An SEO tool like gives you precious and actionable insight.

You can use Sitechecker to act on your website’s performance and find a better way to improve your website score.

Don’t be surprised to receive a low score from an SEO audit tool.

These tools are very meticulous about quality, and it takes quite a long time, along with constant maintenance, to raise the overall score of a website.

Check the highlighted problems carefully, as you may not need to fix them all.

And there are many other free tools to use to check backlinks to your website, as well as online opportunities to replace broken links with your original content.

Once you got your SEO score, don’t worry if all the signals, the graphs, and the numbers seem to be overwhelming. 

Use these tools once; take your time, and get comfortable with their interface and evaluation.

sitechecker pro

All the SEO audit tools show different approaches.

Their goal is to show you some clear parameters, so you can dive deep and fix all the problems.

One of the most common problems when performing a search engine optimization audit is related to the heavy size of a website.

This is normally due to the number of images, texts, images, JavaScript files, and other things like the layout elements.

Technical SEO parameters

By technical SEO we mean all the parameters that make the site a great experience for users.

PageSpeed Insights, one of the many Google tools, gives you a clear and detailed perspective of some technical aspects of your website.

More technical parameters to check are:

  • SSL
  • Broken URLs
  • Site architecture
  • CSS and HTML
  • Structured data
  • UX
  • Crawling errors
  • Server response time
  • Core Web Vital
  • XML sitemap
  • Mobile friendliness

When these parameters are ok, your SEO gets a boost.

Search engine optimization depends on high website performances to be as effective as intended, and website speed is a crucial ranking factor.

How does SEO help your business?

With the huge number of competitors ready to fight for a small piece of the cake, it’s quite obvious that any company wants to be more visible, relevant, and profitable on Google. 

When your business has no visitors, no conversions, no interest at all, you pay someone to find new keywords, create new content, new ads, etc.

These activities are search engine optimization.

You pay for SEO to drive qualified traffic to your website, so people click on your content and consider your offer.

This is the first benefit of implementing a well-structured search engine optimization strategy: ranking to get more traffic to convert into sales.

Why does SEO take time?

Google algorithm is very busy.

It has to crawl and index many websites every day.

The online ranking process represents for Google the best way to offer valuable and relevant results to online users, so Google does it in a very meticulous way.

You can expect to see an increase in organic traffic and visibility after 3 months or even before if your strategy works. 

How do I know if SEO is working?

Digital marketing agencies like Huppyz use specific KPIs to understand if an SEO strategy is working.

You can check your progress by taking a look at:

  • Impressions
  • Organic Traffic from Searches
  • Pages Ranking
  • Backlinks
  • Domain & Page Authority
  • Conversions

Take a screenshot of your data report tool like Google Data Studio or Google Analytics before any search engine optimization activity. 

Take another screenshot one, two, or three months later and make a comparison.

Search optimization may take up to 6 months to show any quantifiable result.

However, you can see some small movements after the first month on Google Search Console.

If nothing has changed, your search optimization strategy needs to be fine-tuned to generate better results.


If your budget allows you to invest in both SEO and PPC, do it.

Pay Per Click campaigns are SEM, which is an acronym for Search Engine Marketing.

SEM gives you quicker results than search engine optimization and brings instant visibility.

But the benefits don’t last forever, and it doesn’t bring the same amount of visibility, authority, or quality as search optimization.

SEM is extremely important when you launch a new product or a new website, and every time you launch a new lead generation campaign.

Pay per click campaigns boost your online presence and connect you with people who are already interested in doing business with you.

Each campaign is a virtual auction to place a bid for a keyword and based on that bid you get a relative rank position.

As a general rule, the higher the bid, the higher the rank.

The competition is pretty tough, and the big fishes play a difference in your ranking.

Learn more about SEO vs. PPC here.

How do SEO and PPC work together?

PPC and SEO coexist together.

Here’s how: you create two articles about interesting topics, using specific keywords to spark interest in your target audience.

Your goal is to attract new readers, but how do you do it?

By activating new ads that point to your articles!

Although Pay-per-click campaigns cease to provide traffic, clicks, and conversions as soon as deactivated, there is nothing quick as PPC to create the initial traffic.

Is SEO investing any good in 2022?


As long as Google and other search engines will use algorithms to provide users with interesting answers, SEO will be the way to go.

SEO turns an unknown website into a digital place where people buy better solutions to their problems.

Investing in search engine optimization in 2022 is a profitable choice for small businesses.

SMEs love local promotional campaigns that reach the earth of their community.

How to promote a local business? With local SEO strategies.

Local SEO is what makes a local business more important for a specific location, using keywords that include cities, neighborhoods, and other distinguishing local marks.

Get started with SEO

Start from keyword research.

Create a checklist to evaluate the best keywords, and pick the best ones for your On-Page strategy.

Then, create the H1.

H1 is where you write your main keyword to describe your online identity, your product, or your new blog post.

Some elements, like the ALT image attribution, are considered as not strictly necessary anymore.

The Alt text is an important string of info that search engines use to make your website more relevant within the image search queries.

Alt Image Text

Is SEO worth it?


Search engine optimization is the solution when your digital business is sluggish.

SEO services are a fundamental part of any professional digital marketing plan.

There is no fixed price for search engine optimization services.

The average small enterprise invests more or less than $2.000 per month.

Amazon search optimization

Have you ever heard of Amazon SEO?

The term Amazon search engine optimization is becoming more and more popular.

An increasing number of sellers are seeking online services to buy strategies and climb the Amazon search results rank.

The term Amazon SEO may sound incorrect, but in the end, is all about technical optimization to get better results than we talk about.

What is different from Google or Bing, is that Amazon is a pure eCommerce platform.

The first step to improve your eCommerce search engine presence is to perform keyword research for Amazon.

With good keywords, your Amazon business will reach new customers, new positions, new limits.

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